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Custodian of world’s oldest continuous civilization, China is an East-Asian country with a historical existence of 4000 years.

With Beijing as its capital, the country nests rich cultural relics and world-famous historical sites.China, Travel to China With dexterous invention of compass, paper-making, printing and gun-powder, the country harnesses great ancient engineering projects like the Great Wall, the Grand Canal and Karez irrigation system. From the energizing and noisy cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Sichuan to the isolated mountain tops Ming-dynasty villages, China is land of sheer-diversity having a lot to serve to the tourists that pay a visit.

Epitomizing the religious beliefs and the rich culture of the country are the elegant mountains in China like Mt.Taishan in Shangdong, Mt.Huashan in Hunan, Mt. Putuoshan in Zhejiang and Mt. Wutai in Shanxi . The West Lake, the thousand Islets lake, the Beidaihe scenic spot, Qingdao seashore scenic area and the Beihai siver beach are hotspot attractions in China. The Jiuzhaigou Valley,the Qiannan area of Guizhou and the stone forest formed by soil erosion offer splendid scenery to the tourists. The Great Wall of China, the museum of Terra cotta Warriors, the Potala Palace and the Silk Road are few of the numerous historic relics preserved in the country. The ancient city of Pingyao and the Lijiang Old town are favorite tourist spots.

The renowned Chinese cuisine represents the magnificent culture of the country with tourists preferring the typical Beijing and Shanghai flavors. Apart from the staple of rice and wheat other wheaten foods like bread, noodles, deep-fried dough sticks buns and even gruels, cakes and snacks with special local flavors make an excellent dining experience. One can enjoy the delicious also in ordinary eateries like sold road-side and in street restaurants.
Further, China is a fantastic shopping destination. Chinese silk, tea, antiques, paintings and calligraphy, medicines, jade and pearls and handicrafts are world-famous. Beijing is noted for cloisonné enamel and fresh water pearls; Shanghai for jade; Xian is for antiques and rugs, while Guilin is for scroll paintings and bijouterie. Also the magnificent city of Hong-Kong is known as the 'Shopping Paradise'.

Chinese martial Arts or popularly known as Kung-fuhave developed over a long historical period Sanjiang China, Travel to Chinaand is applaused world-wide. The kung-fu has various sects in China but the Shaolin Sect and the Wudang Sect are the two most famous ones.  Both of them lay emphasis on the external practice for vital energy and spirit and internal practice for muscle, bone and skin.The imperial Summer Palace in Beijing, the Shaolin Temple in Henan and the Jokahang temple in Tibet are world-famous for pilgrimage. Mt.Jinhua in Anhui, Mt. Emei in Sichuan, Mt.Putuoshan in Theiang and Mt. Wutai in Shanxi are noted Buddisht holy mountains. Tibetan monasteries, also known as lamaseries, have traditionally been centers of learning and quiet reflection as well as places where monks lived. The great Mansarovar lake, 800 kms from Lhasa (Tibet) and located to the north of the holy Mt.Kailash, is place of pilgrimage, attracting religious people from India, Nepal, Tibet and the neighboring countries.

The best season to visit the country is the early autumn that is from mid September to early October. China is a country of cynosures. Ranging from the towering of mountains in Shaanxi to the sky-kissing buildings of Shanghai, China has incredible treasure of excursions for the tourists. So when are you planning your trip to this magnificent land!!!!

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