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Far East

The Far East is a term that has been used for centuries mainly by Europeans to describe the countries lying east of the Indian subcontinent.

Significantly, the term evokes cultural as well as geographic separation. It never refers, for instance, to the culturally Western nations of Australia and New Zealand, which lie even farther to the east of Europe than East Asia itself. The term includes 21 Asian countries, like China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and several others. The growth story of these nations is well-known throughout the world. But more than anything else, the region has always been famous for its rich and enchanting culture, and vibrant flavour.

Thailand has lately emerged as an extremely attractive tourist destination. From the capital Bangkok to Phuket, Pattaya, Patong, Chiang Mai, Phang Nga and Krabi, Thailand have vast attractions that pull thousands of tourists every year. One of the most visited tourist destinations of the country, Bangkok boasts of several exquisite monuments. The most visited destinations here are Repulse Bay, Victoria Peak and Giant Buddha which attract tourists from across the globe. For Singapore, the most popular monuments and tourist attractions are the Armenian Church, Cathay Building, Holy Infant Jesus Chapel and Siong Lim Temple, among many others. Excellent planning, transportation, hotels, shopping and other famous entertainment options for travellers make China a perfect holiday destination. Popularly known as 'the Dragon', the most popular attraction of China is the Great Wall of China, as well as its mesmerising cultural traditions.

The food in the region is a must-try. With a mind-boggling variety of never-heard-before delicacies, the Far East is a food-lovers paradise. Chinese cuisine enjoys a supreme standing in the world of food and its delicacies are renowned globally for their delicious, appetizing aroma and exquisite presentations. Thai cuisine is increasingly becoming popular all over the world and is known for its balance of the five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and (optional) bitter. Other Far East nations too have their very own culinary traditions that are certainly worth a try. After a lavish meal, the best way to burn the calories has to be shopping. Thailand, in particular, is famous for its easy-on-the-pocket shopping options. Street markets of Hong Kong are filled with several shopping services. Almost all kinds of goods can be found in the shops lining the streets. These street markets are bargain galore and bring great entertainment to the people who are fond of bargain shopping.

Food and shopping aside, each Far East country has a special flavour, a special attraction. Thailand boasts of exotic beaches, rich wildlife, adventure sports and Buddhist traditions. Hong Kong offers luxury at its best with high-rises, cruises, and shopping opportunities galore. The most popular attractions of Singapore are its wildlife, serene beaches, theme parks, entertainment options and the lively nightlife. China is the proud home of the near-extinct species of Panda and Tiger. Eco-tourism is a hit in the country. Chinese food, architecture, and cultural as well as religious traditions also attract many-a visitor.

Each country in the region boasts of a rich and vibrant culture and one has to see it to believe it. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, head to the Far East and experience an entirely different world out there.

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