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The mind arresting Romanian land is located in the intersection of central and southern Europe, which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean from the south and west; United States from the north; Guatemala, Caribbean Sea and Belize from the southeast; and Gulf of Mexico from the east. It is a country of great natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The hospitality of the local inhabitants is truly great and its maroon beaches always offer a heartily welcome to its guests. The country is also dotted with many scenic mountains, historic sites, adventurous activities and much more that never let the tourists to forget Mexico tour.

Most Popular Cities in Mexico
  • Cancun
Cancun is the most popular city in Mexico and is mostly known for its clear Caribbean waters and famous beaches. The city offers everything that one wishes to enjoy and experience in a vacation likely party atmosphere, sports, shopping, exceptional food, fine resorts, etc.
  • Acapulco
Acapulco is the major sea port of the country; the site is most of the time gets loaded with thousands of weekenders and international tourists; mostly near the beaches. Acapulcos main attraction is its nightlife which can fascinate any heart.
  • Mexico City
Mexico City is the largest metropolis in Latin America and is known as Federal District. This capital city is very rich by its archaeological and cult    ural sites, museums and churches which can easily impress the vacationers. Apart from that the hospitality of the locals is worth experiencing.
  • San Luis Potosi
The city is situated 300 miles away from Mexico City and is known as City of Gardens. The site is loaded with full of parks where you can discover wonderful fountains, flowers, trees, etc. and some theatre, museums and cathedrals.
  • Puerto Vallarta
Relax amidst the palms and watch the spellbinding sunset view. The huge assortment of inviting water sports and the finest view of marina will definitely entice your heart and soul while you are at this most popular resort city of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta visit is most popular among the tourists because of its pristine beaches. Apart from that in its sea water you can also expect to see wheals as well.

Popular Attractions in Mexico
  • Pyramids of Teotihuacan
Teotihuacan is an archaeological site of the nation and is known as the City of Gods. Although whenever the word pyramid comes into our mind, the first destination that we assume about Egypt, but we should keep into our mind that the second and the third largest pyramids actually exists in Mexico and they are Pyramid of sun and moon. Both of them exhibit excellent views from above.
  • Chichen Itza
The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chichen Itza is Mexicos mostly visited tourists destination where the most famous temple of the site, pyramid of El Castillo catches maximum attention. The temple has a great astronomical significance, which is hiding in its unique design.
  • Tulum
Tulum serves as a major port for Coba. This is one of the last cities in the country where Mayan civilizations once were inhabited. Though the town is little bit quite, but one should never miss to try its never-ending adventurous activities in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Museo Soumaya
This private museum of Mexico City was founded in 1994 and was owned by the Carlos Slim Foundation. The museum holds some great artworks (religious relics, historical documents, and coin collection of Carlos Slim) of European artists.
  • Coyoacan
The place is very famous for shopping where you can enjoy the bargaining pleasure amidst the picturesque view. Colorful boutiques and handicraft shops, you can find everywhere at this place, which will be an excellent memorabilia during your tour.

Adventurous Activities
Paragliding, hiking, diving, white water rafting, biking, rappelling and kayaking.

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