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The Arabian Country, Uzbekistan, has a great potentiality to attract the tourist towards its doorsteps from all around by its unique historical, cultural and spiritual values. Uzbekistan is the most famous country in Central Asia, which is beautifully situated between the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The archaeological, architectural, historical and natural treasures of the country always take special part in the heart of the tourist.
Highlights: Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Khiva, etc.

Temperature: Uzbekistan's climatic condition can be classified as continental, with hot summers and cool winters. In summer it often exceeds 40 C and in winter it may come down to -23 C.

Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions & Destinations: The country has a range of tourist attractions sites, but its major attractions lie in its monuments, museums, forts and mosques which are worth visiting. There are several tourist destinations in Uzbekistan that includes the capital Tashkent, Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, Kokand, Termez, etc. Here, you can find some old creations of Great Alexander and the Great Genghis Khan at their time. The Great Silk Road is the most prominent achievement in history of Uzbekistan.


Explore Uzbekistan Cities:

Samarkand Registan Square  
UzbekistanSamarkand: Samarkand, which once was the capital of Emperor Amir Timur is now popularly known for his and his grandsons Mausoleums. Some must visit attractions of the city are the magnificent Registan Square where you can see the grand meeting point of six roads, necropolis of Samarkand and three magnificent Madrassas namely Ulugh Beg, Tilla kari and Sherdor.

Bukhara: The most ancient city of Uzbekistan, Bukhara once was the religious center for Buddhist, Muslims and Zoroastrians. Today, the region has turned into a great tourism hub for international tourist who arrives at this place to watch the remains of the past which are lying on the great Silk Road.  The major tourist attractions of Bukhara are 48 meter tall minaret, Kalian Minaret, which is visible from most parts of the city, Bolo Khaus mosque and Ark fortress.

Tashkent: The largest metropolitan city in central Asia, Tashkent has all facilities that tourist can find during their city tour. Chorsu bazaar is the most famous market of the city where you can buy various types of traditional clothes, luxury handmade carpets, variety of ladies ornaments and can taste some of their delicious cuisines. In Tashkent you can also find some traditional architecture like Kukeldash Madrassah, the Sheikhantaur Ensembles, the Younis Khan Mausoleum, Khazrati-lrnarn Complex and many more which are most famous in this country. If you are visiting the country first time, then don't miss to watch performance at Opera, which is the unique attraction of the country that you can watch at a very low price.

Khiva: Though Khiva is a small city but its attractions always catch a hug crowd throughout the year. In a few days of city tour you can see several interesting museums, Ichon-Qala Gates & Walls, Juma Masjid, Mohammed Rakhim Khan Medressa, Tosh-Khovli Palace and many more.

Get the best holiday package to Uzbekistan from Mast Holiday and explore all the major tour destinations of the country at your best. A visit to this Arabian country is a unique opportunity, which can experience a unique trip by showing its greatest monuments, mosque and several burials of Emperors.

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